Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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Aidin Khairulfazi


Assalamualaikum TEECH and beloved friendszzz... first of all, thanks for the time that you have spend to read this scary blog.. keep on reading this blog even though the background of this blog is kinda scary.. please, do leave your supporting comments if you think it is necessary =)


By Yana Akhir

hye fellow ghosts

Assalamualaikum..welcome to this scary blog. I hate bel311 so much. I am 19 and still single but available to pretty girls ONLY. So, to get to know me, you have to keep on reading this blog and comment me. Don't forget to leave your phone number as well. Have a bad dream ghosts ^_^

by :  Akidzaki

Keep Calm and Read My Entry

Hello Teech and AAC1103B-ers!

Welcome to troublemakers’ blog.  I hope uolls give support to me because I’m really weak in writing. Please , do comment my entry and I will comment yours.  Have fun, my loveleyhhh friend! J Good luck in your BEL311

Hanani Lejen

hey people!

hi girlfriends and boyfriends! and of course hi teech (: as you can see, this is the first entry of this blog so welcome everyone to our troublemakers world! yeyyyy! since this is my first entry, i'm not going to say much. i just wanna say hi and thank you for visiting our blog. keep on reading this blog and don't forget to comment, if there is anything you guys want to say. thanks (:

sakinah nasir (:

YO!!! read this!

Assalamualaikum! all of you and especially TEECH must know that this blog is now open to be read.  Akid  asked "why we need to create this rubbish blog? it is a waste of time".  we don't have much time to think since we have a lot of assignments to do.  "BEL class is suppose to be fun but now it is so tiring since teech given us a lot of stuff to do," said Liyana.

However, Nani has different kind of thoughts about this blog.  She said that this blog can help her improve her writing and communicate well with others.  Aidin didn't said anything about this task so we're not sure of how he was feeling.  

Well, although we all have different kind of thoughts about this writing blog, but since teech said that this blog will be given marks, so we have to try our best to please you teech.  Thanks (:

The Troublemakers