Wednesday, September 18, 2013

con te partiro

Assalamualaikum..thanks a lot teech for everything and thanks to all my classmates..time to say good bye to BOTAK and are too nice and sporting with us..maybe this is my last update in this blog..and maybe i never open this blog after this but if i miss u i will open this blog to remember all our memories in this semester 2013...last but not least good bye and may Allah bless you and hope you will teach us next semester( i hope not)..hehehe
Assalamualaikum ^_^

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

con te partiros

say hello to goodbye
inhale the goodshit and exhale the bullshit. so here it goes
throwback from the first class, i came late and had to stand in front. at that point, i straight away knew i wasnt going to like this class very much. comparing our class to the other classes, i didint know our bel was totally different, with all the paperworks, redo, posters, quizzes, blog.
day 1 till day whatever day is the last day, we clearly dont see eye to eye. but it dont matter as long as i am learning. all i can say is this sem's bel is different.
when its all said and done and when we're all are going to graduate, our eyes will stare and gaze to the open and thank Allah and deep in that stare, your annoying face will somehow be remembered (in a funny way).
so, deepest apology for my mistakes throughout this semester. sorry for my wrong doings and as well, from the bottom of my heart i would like to thank you.
all i can say is, i wish you nothing but the best for years to come.
Sorry and Thank You.


Thank you for those who taught me.
Thank you for those who read my entry.
Thank you for those who helped me.
Thank you for those who supported me.
Thank you for those who bahan-ing me.
Thank you for every single thing.
Thank you, Teech ! yemboiiiii
Goodbye Teech's punishment.
Goodbye grammar jail.
Goodbye BEL311's discussion group.
Goodbye essay poster.
Goodbye weblog group.
Goodbye Troublemakers.
Goodbye Teech, Mr. Airil Haimi b. Mohd Adnan !! *falling tears



Assalamualaikum Teech and all my friends  :)

this evening Teech ask us to post what is con te partiro means..that is time to say goodbye!!!for who???to our beloved Teech,,I would like to say thank give us a lot of experiences and always support us when we needs you..I hope you never forget our memories and still recognize us until you die :) our final is coming soon,Teech..please pray for our success now and also in future..thanks!!!and goodbye!!may ALLAH bless us...wassalam :)

yana akhir


Assalamualaikum teech and all my fellow bloggers (:

This entry would be my last entry since there is no much time left for this semester.  It is time to say goodbye to all of you.  Till we meet again next semester and as for teech, SAYONARA!  Thanks for all the lesson that you have taught us throughout this semester, InsyaAllah I will use it until my last semester if it is necessary (: I hope you will give me a good grade for BEL311 okay hehe! For other bloggers, thanks for reading my entry (for those who read) and good luck for your finals! xoxo 

The upper part of this entry was written last night but now i'm updating my post after reading other people's posts.  I don't feel great because my entry was too short haha so i'm updating just to make myself feel a little happy (: so as I was reading other's weblog posts, I felt like crying but maybe my ego was too high to let my eye sheds any tears haha! there were a lot of posts telling how great you are, how handsome you are, how intelligent and successful you are but for me, teech, you are just a BEL311 lecturer that just got back from overseas and took over our class by bullying us with a lot of assignments and your annoyance sometimes make me feel like cursing you haha sorry ): what I didn't realize is that you're doing all that for our own good and the best part is you are doing something that other lecturers will not be doing. Unfortunately, I cannot realize how great you are before this and I'm sorry for all that.  So from now on, even though you're not going to teach us anymore, I will going to remember and cherish every moment that we have together.  You will always be our TEECH forever and ever and ever and AAC1103B will never ever forget you.  THANKS MR AIRIL HAIMI MOHD ADNAN (:

Sakinah Nasir (:

Sunday, September 8, 2013

entry 4-live to give,not to receive


“Live to give, not to receive”. This word is from Pak Harfan. What he means is we have to help each other in many situations. For example, Pak Harfan always supports Miss Muslimah to give a lesson for the students. At that school they only have two teachers including Pak Harfan whether he is also the headmaster to the school. After that, although Pak Harfan does not afford to give the salary a few months to Miss Muslimah and Bakri, they do not angry and continue teaching the students patiently. Through this attitude, we also get the reward which called 'pahala'. :) (102 words)

p/s: sorry Teech, I do not have an idea huhuhuhu :(

-yana akhir-

entry 3-differences between the school

Assalamualaikum wbt..this entry about rainbow soldiers again :(

Why SD Muhammadiyah is better?? For me, I think SD Muhammadiyah is better than the other SD because at that school, they learn how to respect each other. This is because whether they are lack in study, they try to help each other and from that they become closed. Even though they do not have many materials to study, but with their teacher’s help, Miss Muslimah, they can learn like other students. The students also have different talents, for example, Mahar can sing, Lintang goods in Mathematics which Mahar have an idea to create an extraordinary show at the competition. Then, they also learn religious lesson there which can help to improve their knowledge. Lastly, they are able to go to school whether they do not have school uniform :)

-129 words-

-yana akhir-

Live to give not to receive


As we all know, if we want to get pahala, we must always give and help other people who are in trouble.  If we refer to the Rainbow Soldier movie, we can see how Pak Harfan and Cik Mus helped the poor students to study.  They never gave up on the students even though they had a lot of trouble coming in their way.  They tried their best to help the children by giving them education even though they were just two of them.  They did not begged other people to get what they want.  They had not received other people's help in teaching the children.  They just did all that by themselves and never get tired.  Pak Harfan and Cik Mus live to give and not to receive.

Sakinah Nasir (:
SD Muhammadiah is better than others school ^_^

do not judge a book by its cover, like SD Muhammadiah because the school is very senile and ugly.The student at SD Muhammadiah also from poor family but they have highly respected and objective in their life to realize their dreams.Their did not consider that poor families is not an obstacle for them to learn. Their trust that if they study hard they can achieve their dreams.For example, they wins every competition because they want show to people that they also can do what rich students can do and they successful.

live to give, not only receive :)

Life is never perfect if we just learn but not use it in our life. So life should be mutual give and take means do not accept the knowledge for your exam only but use it for life in a world filled with problems that we can handle the problem properly.For example, helps friend that poor academic and do not be selfish.Life is like a wheel, sometimes we at top and sometimes we at bottom.


SD Muhammadiyah is better than PN Elementary

Assalamualaikum everyone!

In Rainbow Soldier movie, SD Muhammadiyah is a school that looks old and seems to lack in a lot of things. However, things are different for PN Elementary as they got everything complete in the school and of course the school is very beautiful compared to SD Muhammadiyah.  Even though SD Muhammadiyah does not have a beautiful place for the students to study, but, they are completely better than PN Elementary as they won two competitions against PN Elementary.  This proves that they do not need to have a beautiful building just to be better than others.  They just need to have a strong relationship between each other such as trust, cooperation and love to prove that they are better than any other school.  That is what makes SD Muhammadiyah better than PN Elementary. 

Sakinah Nasir (:

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Live to give, not to receive

Apa khabar semua nyaaaaa? Sihat sihat belaka ngak?

Kamu tahu ngak, in the movie Laskar Pelangi, Pak Harfan said that live to give, not to receive. What the meaning of these words? Actually, the meaning is we must contribute as many as well in our life and do not claim for reward, for example Miss Muslimah sincerely teaching her students without expecting anything. Another example is like my friends and I do assignment from Teech without claim any reward. We all do Teech’s assignment without complain and do it with sincerely heart. Hahahaha! :P. Furthermore, we can get many benefits if we always give something to other people such as we are blessed from Allah SWT. That’s all for this time entry. See you again! *bajet Assalamualaikum J 

SD Muhammadiyah is better than PN Elementary

Hello! Whazup! whazup!

Why SD Muhammadiyah is better than PN Elementary? Why the ugly school is better than beautiful school? Is there any special of SD Muhammadiyah? But the most thing that I’m curious isssss why Teech ask me to do thizzzzz? Haaa?  Motive?  Mia hahahahaha. Okay, enough. Back to normal situation. My first impression about SD Muhammadiyah is about religion. SD Muhammadiyah is the one of school at Gantong which teaches Islamic moral values to their students while PN Elementary does not. People said that good in learning is not depending where we learn but good in learning is depending on how we learn. So, please vote for SD Muhammadiyah because it better than PN Elementary. Peace yo! 

life with giving not receiving

you want us to keep writing about laskar pelangi again. so straight forward this question is about karma la, what goes around, comes back around right. to tell the truth, i already forgot about the story, most of it la. so imma talk about receive and not giving.

receiving something for free is exciting, better yet always receiving things. but life doesnt work that way. it goes both ways. you gotta give back. for instance, giving just a piece of thread or a penny, is considered giving. as long as you're giving whats yours. ermm its like donating basically.
we see people nowadays from rags to riches. they receive once in a while, but give back often. thats how they show their appreciation. for example, leonardo cap...(the actor/hero from titanic)

so i once come across a proverb, so it goes like this. life is an echo. what you send out, comes back. what you sow, you reap. what you give, you get. what you see in others, exists in you. damn thats deep haha. so start giving sincerely and stop hoping to receive something in return. dont believe in karma, believe in Allah. be better than yesterday insyaAllah.

enjoy my man :) sorry if i dont meet your expectations, or what you want. words? i stop counting at 200 hehe ;)


Friday, September 6, 2013

the difference

searched all over to get an internet, after 48 hours of searching with no sleeping, alhamdulilah found one. so the question is what is the comparison between the two schools from the film rainbow soldier.

simply put, every school is the same. teach and learn, play and enjoy, fight and cry, love and be loved. but the thing that separates the good n the great school, is basically the facilities that they provide for the children. some provide playground with a variety of equipment for sports. but some provide just an empty field. some provide good qualities of tables and chairs, some provide used tables and chairs. some provide healthy meal that children look forward to eating, some provide cheap food that they can only afford. some provide, erm i think you know what i'm trying to say.

based on the rainbow soldier, clearly it taught everyone a thing a two. 'never judge a book by its cover' you can get the finest education through what, a simple old school right. money can buy you the finest things in life, but it cant buy you knowledge and education. knowledge come for you, when it comes from you ;) (hahaha) before i get carried away i think that is about all. chaloo bete. (honestly, i forgot what the question was, all that i remembered was something about comparing the two schools) hehe sorry. 232words


Monday, September 2, 2013

mahar ^_^

I like that mahar character in rainbow army because he plays as comedian. His character who always calm in every situation. He also able to hold the trust placed in him. For example, he was able to take on head of a competition held among school. Mahar also liked music so much because he can classify genre of music. Then, he was a good friend who helped ikal. For example, he help his friend ikal send to grocery store to meet with A Ling and he comforted Ikal while loop sad when A Ling go to Jakarta. Although Mahar only additional roles, but he was able to make the audience impressed with her acting.

ikal's first love

What I think this Ikal first love? My first love is absurd and hilarious. How ikal can fall in love with A Ling only see a finger? However, as some have said, nothing is impossible when it comes about love. Love comes in many ways and no one can prevent it. Avery loving curls and would like to meet A Ling regularly. For example, Ikal willing to volunteer to but chalk which is very far from school only to meet with A Ling. Unfortunately, one day when he arrived at the store, A Ling has moved to Jakarta to help his father. Ikal feel very sad and it clearly shows their true love. Although he was sad, he has made gift giving A Ling as a source of inspiration.