Saturday, September 7, 2013

Live to give, not to receive

Apa khabar semua nyaaaaa? Sihat sihat belaka ngak?

Kamu tahu ngak, in the movie Laskar Pelangi, Pak Harfan said that live to give, not to receive. What the meaning of these words? Actually, the meaning is we must contribute as many as well in our life and do not claim for reward, for example Miss Muslimah sincerely teaching her students without expecting anything. Another example is like my friends and I do assignment from Teech without claim any reward. We all do Teech’s assignment without complain and do it with sincerely heart. Hahahaha! :P. Furthermore, we can get many benefits if we always give something to other people such as we are blessed from Allah SWT. That’s all for this time entry. See you again! *bajet Assalamualaikum J 

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