Saturday, September 7, 2013

SD Muhammadiyah is better than PN Elementary

Hello! Whazup! whazup!

Why SD Muhammadiyah is better than PN Elementary? Why the ugly school is better than beautiful school? Is there any special of SD Muhammadiyah? But the most thing that I’m curious isssss why Teech ask me to do thizzzzz? Haaa?  Motive?  Mia hahahahaha. Okay, enough. Back to normal situation. My first impression about SD Muhammadiyah is about religion. SD Muhammadiyah is the one of school at Gantong which teaches Islamic moral values to their students while PN Elementary does not. People said that good in learning is not depending where we learn but good in learning is depending on how we learn. So, please vote for SD Muhammadiyah because it better than PN Elementary. Peace yo! 

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