Friday, September 6, 2013

the difference

searched all over to get an internet, after 48 hours of searching with no sleeping, alhamdulilah found one. so the question is what is the comparison between the two schools from the film rainbow soldier.

simply put, every school is the same. teach and learn, play and enjoy, fight and cry, love and be loved. but the thing that separates the good n the great school, is basically the facilities that they provide for the children. some provide playground with a variety of equipment for sports. but some provide just an empty field. some provide good qualities of tables and chairs, some provide used tables and chairs. some provide healthy meal that children look forward to eating, some provide cheap food that they can only afford. some provide, erm i think you know what i'm trying to say.

based on the rainbow soldier, clearly it taught everyone a thing a two. 'never judge a book by its cover' you can get the finest education through what, a simple old school right. money can buy you the finest things in life, but it cant buy you knowledge and education. knowledge come for you, when it comes from you ;) (hahaha) before i get carried away i think that is about all. chaloo bete. (honestly, i forgot what the question was, all that i remembered was something about comparing the two schools) hehe sorry. 232words


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