Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Assalamualaikum teech and all my fellow bloggers (:

This entry would be my last entry since there is no much time left for this semester.  It is time to say goodbye to all of you.  Till we meet again next semester and as for teech, SAYONARA!  Thanks for all the lesson that you have taught us throughout this semester, InsyaAllah I will use it until my last semester if it is necessary (: I hope you will give me a good grade for BEL311 okay hehe! For other bloggers, thanks for reading my entry (for those who read) and good luck for your finals! xoxo 

The upper part of this entry was written last night but now i'm updating my post after reading other people's posts.  I don't feel great because my entry was too short haha so i'm updating just to make myself feel a little happy (: so as I was reading other's weblog posts, I felt like crying but maybe my ego was too high to let my eye sheds any tears haha! there were a lot of posts telling how great you are, how handsome you are, how intelligent and successful you are but for me, teech, you are just a BEL311 lecturer that just got back from overseas and took over our class by bullying us with a lot of assignments and your annoyance sometimes make me feel like cursing you haha sorry ): what I didn't realize is that you're doing all that for our own good and the best part is you are doing something that other lecturers will not be doing. Unfortunately, I cannot realize how great you are before this and I'm sorry for all that.  So from now on, even though you're not going to teach us anymore, I will going to remember and cherish every moment that we have together.  You will always be our TEECH forever and ever and ever and AAC1103B will never ever forget you.  THANKS MR AIRIL HAIMI MOHD ADNAN (:

Sakinah Nasir (:


  1. Thank you sakin! good luck for your finals too <3 -IKA

  2. Always remember and support your friends, Sakinah.

    Keep the tears and smiles in your heart :-)

    1. AND keep on writing.

      You and Kak Ba really have the flair for this!

      Do not waste this special gift from Allah SWT ;-)

  3. LUP U SAKINAH NASIR!! haha..thank you teech!! -kakba paling cute