Saturday, September 7, 2013

life with giving not receiving

you want us to keep writing about laskar pelangi again. so straight forward this question is about karma la, what goes around, comes back around right. to tell the truth, i already forgot about the story, most of it la. so imma talk about receive and not giving.

receiving something for free is exciting, better yet always receiving things. but life doesnt work that way. it goes both ways. you gotta give back. for instance, giving just a piece of thread or a penny, is considered giving. as long as you're giving whats yours. ermm its like donating basically.
we see people nowadays from rags to riches. they receive once in a while, but give back often. thats how they show their appreciation. for example, leonardo cap...(the actor/hero from titanic)

so i once come across a proverb, so it goes like this. life is an echo. what you send out, comes back. what you sow, you reap. what you give, you get. what you see in others, exists in you. damn thats deep haha. so start giving sincerely and stop hoping to receive something in return. dont believe in karma, believe in Allah. be better than yesterday insyaAllah.

enjoy my man :) sorry if i dont meet your expectations, or what you want. words? i stop counting at 200 hehe ;)


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