Tuesday, September 17, 2013

con te partiros

say hello to goodbye
inhale the goodshit and exhale the bullshit. so here it goes
throwback from the first class, i came late and had to stand in front. at that point, i straight away knew i wasnt going to like this class very much. comparing our class to the other classes, i didint know our bel was totally different, with all the paperworks, redo, posters, quizzes, blog.
day 1 till day whatever day is the last day, we clearly dont see eye to eye. but it dont matter as long as i am learning. all i can say is this sem's bel is different.
when its all said and done and when we're all are going to graduate, our eyes will stare and gaze to the open and thank Allah and deep in that stare, your annoying face will somehow be remembered (in a funny way).
so, deepest apology for my mistakes throughout this semester. sorry for my wrong doings and as well, from the bottom of my heart i would like to thank you.
all i can say is, i wish you nothing but the best for years to come.
Sorry and Thank You.


  1. absolutely aidin. this bel really different from other bel. thanks for that teech.

    -Wanie H-

  2. waalaimumussalam aidin aka naughty boy.. haha. good luck in your final aidin.. May Allah bless you.. :)
    by Wani S

  3. For someone who is naughty, you sure can write well :-)

    To be truthful, I have never felt that we do not see eye to eye.

    I just feel that I see too much potential in you. Potential that you do not even realise...

  4. ahaha,read your post aidin makes me laugh.i know you always have your own kerenah.even you are very naughty in class but you really good student.thanks be my partner and you helps me so much. by farid