Monday, September 2, 2013

ikal's first love

What I think this Ikal first love? My first love is absurd and hilarious. How ikal can fall in love with A Ling only see a finger? However, as some have said, nothing is impossible when it comes about love. Love comes in many ways and no one can prevent it. Avery loving curls and would like to meet A Ling regularly. For example, Ikal willing to volunteer to but chalk which is very far from school only to meet with A Ling. Unfortunately, one day when he arrived at the store, A Ling has moved to Jakarta to help his father. Ikal feel very sad and it clearly shows their true love. Although he was sad, he has made gift giving A Ling as a source of inspiration.                                          


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  1. Akid, This essay looks like mine. Plagiarism occured. haha