Sunday, September 8, 2013

entry 4-live to give,not to receive


“Live to give, not to receive”. This word is from Pak Harfan. What he means is we have to help each other in many situations. For example, Pak Harfan always supports Miss Muslimah to give a lesson for the students. At that school they only have two teachers including Pak Harfan whether he is also the headmaster to the school. After that, although Pak Harfan does not afford to give the salary a few months to Miss Muslimah and Bakri, they do not angry and continue teaching the students patiently. Through this attitude, we also get the reward which called 'pahala'. :) (102 words)

p/s: sorry Teech, I do not have an idea huhuhuhu :(

-yana akhir-

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