Sunday, September 8, 2013

SD Muhammadiyah is better than PN Elementary

Assalamualaikum everyone!

In Rainbow Soldier movie, SD Muhammadiyah is a school that looks old and seems to lack in a lot of things. However, things are different for PN Elementary as they got everything complete in the school and of course the school is very beautiful compared to SD Muhammadiyah.  Even though SD Muhammadiyah does not have a beautiful place for the students to study, but, they are completely better than PN Elementary as they won two competitions against PN Elementary.  This proves that they do not need to have a beautiful building just to be better than others.  They just need to have a strong relationship between each other such as trust, cooperation and love to prove that they are better than any other school.  That is what makes SD Muhammadiyah better than PN Elementary. 

Sakinah Nasir (:

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